Key Functionality

  • Supports Multiple Facility (Site) Locations
  • Custom Barcode processing and label generation.
  • Expiration date and lot number tracking by specific barcodes
  • Accurate First-In First-Out (FIFO) Inventory control
  • Quickly track and search for hundreds and thousands of items.
  • Full preference card tracking and maintenance
  • Easily create your own custom item fields to tailer the system to your workflow
  • Reorder level and max-usage level warnings
  • User privilege-based security
  • Email alert notifications
  • Rapid deduction of preference cards with low-level indicators
  • Location specific quantities
  • Multiple product descriptions
  • Item serial number tracking
  • Fully customizable

SurgiCare Software

Medical Inventory Software

SurgiCare Inventory Software is DiMarco Software Design's flagship medical software product - an inventory management system designed specifically for healthcare providers.

Barcode ready, the system easily tracks inventory, purchase orders and surgical preference cards across single or multiple sites and locations. 100% web-based means no complex installations, and no servers to purchase. Easily use the system on any PC, Mac, or tablet. Pay-as-you-grow subscription means we accommodate smaller centers (and budgets) to larger hospital facilities.

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Medical Inventory Control Software


Many small to mid-size surgery centers face a challenge when it comes to controlling their inventory. They need to manage and control it - but trying to implement a software system means spending thousands of dollars up-front for software, on-site training for the staff, and interruptive changes to their current work procedures. .


SurgiCare Inventory has been written specifically to address the complex needs of surgery centers. Its extremely easy to use interface runs on any web-browser, so no complex installations are needed. SurgiCare software can easily be configured to adjust to your current work procedures with no disruption to your staff. SurigCare's support staff provides free assistance in setting up the system, and is always available for training and support, any time and at no additional costs. SurgiCare Inventory manages all aspects of physical inventory including surgical preference cards, purchase orders, physical count, usage, and vendor tracking. Control your inventory today with SurgiCare Software. .

Materials Tracking

Proper inventory management is key to running any practice. How easily can you answer the following questions:

What is the current value of your inventory right now?

Do you have the necessary items for today's procedures?

Where in your stockroom are the items you need?

How do you efficiently track your inventory data?

What is the best way to track thousands of inventory items to hundreds of thousands of inventory items? Surgicare Software answers all of the questions - and more.

Preference Cards

Correct management of surgeon preference cards is essential to running a surgery center. The cards are important not only to indicate the supplies preferred by each physician for specific procedures, but to provide the cost of each procedure. With numerous surgeons, equipment and items continually being updated it can be an overwhelming task to ensure that cards are accurately maintained. SurgiCare software easily allows for tracking of surgical preference cards by providing accurate pricing for each card, history of usage, and cost comparison reports. The system also allows for quick deductions of each card, along with warning indicators and substitution information if items are not in stock or running low to avoid potential delays.

Purchase Orders

All healthcare firms need to accurately track what is currently on order, track vendors, and ensure you're getting the best prices. SurgiCare Inventory offers a rich set of features to easily manage thousands of purchase orders tied directly to your inventory. Quickly determine what is being backordered, compare vendor prices, and vendor fulfillment times.

Reporting, and More...

SurgiCare provides easy to use reporting features that provide an accurate snapshot of your inventory investment: Track the total cost of inventory on hand, or by specific categories or manufacturers. Find out how much has been purchased from specific vendors and manufacturers over a given period of time, and compare prices. View what hasn't been used over a specific period of time. View the minimum, maximum and average costs of specific surgical procedures, and compare card costs by different surgeons.