sample instrumentation projects

Please review a small sampling of the latest commerial software packages created by DSD specific to scientific markets.

    Reflectance Medical:  CareGuide™ Oximeter

    Reflectance Medical’s product is the CareGuide™ Oximeter, which noninvasively, and continuously measures muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2), pH (acidosis) and hematocrit within muscle tissue. The combination of these three parameters provide a very early indication of impaired tissue perfusion.

    DSD provided a software interface on both Android & Windows Platforms, that automatically optimizes itself to collect the best possible spectrum for each individual patient irrespective of skin color or fat thickness. Data collection is continuously updated. Trend screens display values over time, and values for each parameter are displayed.

    On-Site Analysis - Cool Check

    OSA4 CoolCheck™ uses OSA's leading-edge and proprietary technology to diagnose problems with coolants and DEF fluids. CoolCheck's software displays and prints the results, and the data can also be downloaded to LubeTrak®, OSA's web-based,data mining, storage and trending tool. The user interface & analytical processing software was designed by DSD in conjuntion with OSA and runs embedded on the device via panel PC

    Fluitec International - RULER System

    Fluitec Internaltional has developed the RULER device: an essential tool for optimum condition monitoring of modern lubricants and oils. It is designed to provide critical insight in determining the remaining useful life of lubricants by monitoring the health of antioxidants. DSD created the RULER Database Management Software (RDMS) to work in conjunction with the RULER device for providing a means to upload the data into a desktop PC, and a way to analyze, compare, and store sample results. DSD also created a tablet version of RDMS to work with their next generation of RULER devices, which control the device itself, and provides a means to run sample analyses.

    ASAP Analytical, LLC:  IRD 3

    Analytical Solutions and Providers (ASAP) is a Manufacturer, Service Provider, and Distributor of analytical solutions. ASAP manufactures the Infrared Detector (IRD), which is coupled to a GC (Gas Chromatograph) - a key piece of laboratory equipment that is used to separate mixtures of liquids for identification purposes. The IRD provides a means of independent identification. One of the primary applications of the IRD is for crime lab work.

    DSD developed an interface to the IRD system that runs on a standard desktop PC. The software package was designed to interface with the GC, and provides instrument control, data acquisition and analysis in real time.

    MicroSpectral Analysis:  iLab

    Microspectral Analysis has developed a patented, miniaturized, integrated sensing system - the i-LAB® Hand Held Analyzing Spectrometer. This portable instrument allows users to measure and anlayze spectral measurements in their own work environments.

    DSD developed the iLab Spectrum Software package which allows end-users the ability to customize the i-LAB for specific analyses and operations. Resultant methods are developed, compiled and transferred into the i-LAB.

    DSD also designed a database-driven, e-commerce web-site containing technical whitepapers, the ability to browse products, and spectroscopy blog site.

    Signal Insight, Inc:  iScan

    Signal Insight, Inc. is a startup that is completing R&D and is about to launch a first product introduction into the equine market. Sonotect, a sonodetection system developed by Signal Insight obtains signals from the body to determine normal and abnormal tissue status and stress.  Signals are collected via the iScan hand held device. Numerical scales display higher values to indicate increased severity; algorithms and profiles offer identification of specific tissue types and conditions.

    DSD developed the software to be used in conjunction with the iScan hand held device to give researchers, vets and doctors an unobtrusive view into the physical health of a subject.  The software displays in real-time, numerical intensities, body areas, and video capture windows.

software languages

  • VB.NET
  • Visual Basic 6
  • Visual C++
  • Visual C++. Net
  • ASP
  • VBScript
  • JavaScript
  • SQL Stored Procedures
  • Flash ActionScript
  • Android/Java Development


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SQL Server CE
  • MS Access (JET)
  • DBase


  • Microsoft, all through Windows 8
  • .Net Compact Framework
  • .Net Studio
  • Dream Weaver
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Eclipse


  • Crystal Reports
  • Infragistics
  • .Net Studio
  • Sax Software
  • ComponentOne
  • DevExpress
  • Krypton
  • DevComponents